For More than 20 Years Kabler School For Dogs Has Helped Families Raise Puppies Into Highly Trained Companions. Professional Trainer Jeremy Bell is Carrying on this Tradition in the Tricities, TN Area!

Retrieving with Black Labs
Professional trainer Jeremy Bell and his dog Della after an amazing weekend of competition.

Kabler School For Dogs was founded in 1995 by Master Trainer David Kabler. David spent time working under top trainers and is known for his unique approach to training each individual dog he works with. Currently Kabler School For Dogs has locations in Asheville, NC and Elizabethton, TN.

Professional Trainer Jeremy Bell is excited to carry on the tradition of training at Kabler School for Dogs Tri-Cities, TN.  All of his courses are private one-on-one with guaranteed results. Discover the reason why so many families rely on the Kabler School for Dogs training approach to raise their puppies and dogs. Give Jeremy a call today and become immersed in his world of dog training.

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Jeremy has three dogs, his Black Lab Lilly, his Black Lab Della, and his new Belgian Malinois puppy Reagan.  Jeremy has been competing Della in the sport of dock diving and in 2017 was thrilled to take her all the way to the National level at the Ultimate Air Games. Della placed 3rd in the nation at the speed retrieve event.  He is currently raising his new Malinois puppy Reagan and trains with Carolina Dog Sports with the goal of titling her in the challenging sport of Mondio Ring. Jeremy is also Western Carolina Air Dogs Club Judge.

Jeremy Bell graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. While attending Graduate School at ETSU, Jeremy became interested in the science of learning and behavioral theories. Jeremy’s life was changed forever by a Black Lab puppy he named Lilly. Through raising his new puppy he started training her all the way to the off-leash level. Jeremy became so interested in dog training that he completed an apprenticeship with Master Trainer David Kabler at Kabler School for Dogs.

Yellow Lab's thrive in training.
Dogs are happiest when professionally trained!

Jeremy is offering private lessons and residency courses serving the Tri-Cities, TN area.  His unique approach of working with clients in taking their dogs through high levels of professional obedience is highly sought after. Jeremy is skilled in raising puppies into trained adults, solving difficult behavioral cases, and having fun along the way!

Ultimate Air Dogs
JeremyBell using his eagle eyes to judge an Ultimate Air Dogs dock diving event.

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Jeremy Bell and his wife Caitlin are excited to host your dogs private or Residency training course!

Kabler School For Dogs provides professional training with guaranteed success!

Call Now To Schedule Your Dogs FREE Consultation!

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Training Since 1995

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