On and Off Lead Residency is the Best Professional Training Course Available!



Choosing to send your dog to school is a very important decision and it is crucial to send your dog to the right trainer. Kabler School For Dogs offers the most dynamic Residency training courses available. Residency training provides a nurturing and caring training environment– like a relaxed dog psychology center that sets very high expectations! Jeremy understands how important your dog is to you and your family and believes in always taking the time to train properly. This course builds confidence, manners, and professional level obedience with lot’s of personal one-on-one training attention each day.

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During their Residency your dog will go on daily neighborhood training walks, participate in obedience sessions, romp and play in the back yard with other dogs, take trips to very busy parks, practice retrieve and tug games, and learn household manners. Jeremy takes his time training each dog using motivational techniques creating a spirited best friend with very high level obedience performance. During your dog’s stay, Jeremy will rehabilitate any existing problem behaviors you may be experiencing at home. A Kabler residency creates a wonderfully behaved and confident dog that loves to play, express themselves, and is excited to follow through with their obedience requests out in the real world.



On Leash and advanced Off leash Residency Training Courses are offered. Each course is 6 weeks in length. By taking our time to train your dog right we are able to guarantee excellent results! Sending your dog to school provides an amazing learning experience for your best friend. This is the absolute best approach to training your dog with top notch professional results. All Residency courses include a lifelong training maintenance guarantee. By sending your best friend to live and train at the Kabler house you are ensuring your dog receives the most reliable and dynamic training available.



The transfer of your dogs training to you and your family is very important. This is why all residencies include follow up private training sessions with Jeremy. During your sessions you and your dog will learn to work together as a highly efficient team. If you are sending your dog to Elizabethton, TN from out of town, Jeremy includes a Go Home weekend of intensive training with you and your dog at the end of the course. During private follow up sessions Jeremy will accompany you on neighborhood walks, trips to high activity parks, outdoor cafe’s, and even swim sessions. These follow up training sessions are highly customized for you and your dog and you will be able to enjoy all that the Tricities area has to offer during your stay.

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