Our Yearling Program is a Dynamic Training Course for 6 to 10 Month Olds That Guides You Through This Challenging Phase of Raising Your New Pup.

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Training the young dog age 6 months through 10 months is an art. This 6 month period is a critical time in your pups life and it is important to handle and guide your young dog using the right approach.

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In his private Yearling sessions Jeremy will share with you his unique and incredibly fun path to raising, socializing, teaching, and directing your dogs focus and natural drives. Human guardians will learn how to motivate their dog in obedience through Jeremy’s use of rewards, play, and praise.


During this phase of your dogs upbringing, there is a developmental stage called ‘flight instinct’ that is critical to navigate successfully. Flight Instinct begins around 7-8 months. Until this phase the young pup naturally wants to stay close to their family pack. Flight is when your dog wants to explore out on their own. It’s important your dog learns not to run away from you during this time.


Strategies to aid in raising the young dog properly are a focus that are practiced during classes. Canine-Human bond building activities and games are emphasized. Swimming, running, hiking and biking strategies are encouraged and we are here to help you and your dog in the Yearling course.

Jeremy will give you clear homework exercises that you and your dog can practice together each day. These homework exercises are designed to keep you on what Kabler School For Dogs calls ‘the training path’ during your young dogs development up to their first year.

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